Community Responders carry a bag of equipment and a defibrillator.

Equipment bag

Typical equipment that we carry:

  • Oxygen
  • Oxygen masks (Adult and Child)
  • Airways for keeping the tongue off the back of the throat
  • Bag/Valve/Mask for inflating lungs
  • Suction for clearing mouths
  • Aspirin for suspected heart attacks
  • Dressings


Using a defibrillator

A Defibrillator is used to send an electric shock across the heart of someone who is in Cardiac Arrest. It has the effect of stopping the heart’s electrical activity (which is in anarchy) and giving the heart’s own pacemaker a chance to restore order. It does all the analysis and decides whether a heart can be shocked or not. It is a fantastic bit of kit and is appearing in lots of public areas such as Sports Centres where anyone can use one to try and save a life.

So there you have it – a defibrillator stops a heart, not starts it!